5 Lakes To Visit This Summer

The beach! Who doesn’t love the beach? This is so true that it’s become the default picture of vacation for people. It’s perfect for wanting to get out to enjoy the wind, the sand, and the water. But with the beaches of the country out of reach, turn your attention to the closer shores. You don’t need to fly or drive to get to a beach. Lakes can provide the same escape, while still being significantly closer to home. So, check out these 5 lakes to visit in Idaho, Montana, and Nevada!

Priest Lake, ID

Proudly called “Idaho’s Crown Jewel” by the Priest Lake Chamber of Commerce, Priest Lake is one of the northernmost bodies of water in Idaho — just 15 miles south of Canada. According to Thrillist Travel, there’s a small town nearby, keeping necessities in touch but still allowing you to get out and away. Even with the nearby town, the beautiful lake is surrounded by campsites. Better yet, if you have access to a boat, the islands scattered through the lake have plenty of places to settle in for the night too! 


Lake Pend Oreille, ID

Located up north in Idaho’s panhandle, Lake Pend Oreille is a sight to behold. The city on its shore, Sandpoint, is host to a myriad of festivals of all kinds. If you don’t want to go to any sort of events, Perri O. Blumberg points out on Country Living, “besides the spectacular views… the huckleberry lemonade is a major draw.” The city makes the trip even smoother with its website, logging its campgrounds and attractions. This includes information on their RV Park, perfect for perching your RV for the night.

Flathead Lake, MT

Ever heard of Nessie? Sitting beside Bigfork, Montana is the beautiful Flathead Lake, which is supposedly home to a Loch Ness Monster of its own. The Flathead Lake monster is a draw for may tourists, and Thrillist Travel says, “It might not be home to its eponymous mythical monster,” but it certainly is a great way to get the kids on board! The 27-mile lake is just 18 miles east of Kalispell, making it an amazing starting point for a new RVer. The lake boasts fish in abundance and clear waters, perfect for fly fishing and boating. To the east of Bigfork, there’s the much smaller Echo Lake, and southward leads to Swan Lake, so this area is perfect for multiple stops!

Lake Tahoe, NV

Ranked Nevada’s #1 Lake by TheCrazyTourist, Lake Tahoe is a destination for all-year round, even when the snow starts to fall. The slopes along the freshwater lake are popular for winter sports. You know the slopes are good when they hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics! Of course, the massive freshwater lake is the focus during the summer. The lake sits on the California-Nevada border and draws boaters, paragliders, and more to its waters. 

Topaz Lake, NV

Lake Topaz is near Lake Tahoe, so you can make one trip to visit both with ease! While technically being a reservoir hurt it’s rank with TheCrazyTourist, Lake Topaz is good enough to still make the list! It has campgrounds around it, too, making it ideal for a lakeside RV trip. The lake itself is popular for water sports, with its still waters making it great for making your wakes. Fishermen can rest assured that even with all the jet skis around, Nevada and California have them covered, keeping the lake stocked.