The Bish’s RV Difference: No Hidden Fees, 72-Hour Guarantee, and Diamond Club Perks 

You may have heard about Bish’s RV by driving past one of our stores, from Josh the RV Nerd, a friend who bought an RV from us, or by browsing RVs online. 

However you heard of us, you may be wondering, “How is Bish’s RV any different than other RV dealers?” You have a lot of options when it comes to buying an RV, so you need to know what’s different about Bish’s before you decide whether or not you want to buy your future RV from us.

Here I’ll explain 3 of the features that make Bish’s RV different from the average dealer – our Low Price is the Price policy, Love Your RV 72-Hour Guarantee, and Diamond Club membership benefits. Understanding these 3 differences can help you decide for yourself if Bish’s is a dealership you want to consider when you’re ready to get on the road making memories with family and friends in your RV!

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The Low Price IS the Price

No Hidden or Surprise Fees

Some dealers may wait until after you’ve driven to the dealership (maybe even hours away), set your heart on a dreamy 5th wheel so sweet it could make you diabetic, and are in a high pressure situation signing paperwork to spring extra fees on you. 

Suddenly the fees roll in one after the other – destination fees, delivery fees, freight charges, prep and ready fees, walkthrough and orientation fees, title fees – they just keep coming. 

Your head spins right around as you find out that the sweet cupcake of a trailer you picked out is actually going to cost thousands of dollars more than you thought and be above the monthly payment you had budgeted for. 

The dealership will probably tell you this is all totally normal and what you can expect from any dealer. 

But, it’s not normal. And you deserve better.

This is why Bish’s RV has a no extra fee policy. 

Why Bish’s Doesn’t Have Hidden Fees

You deserve a straightforward and positive RV buying experience where you are never lied to or tricked about the cost of your RV. Bish’s wants to earn your trust by making sure you get that experience.

You, as a reasonable human, understand that if we want to stay in business we need to make enough money to pay our employees. So, yes, we do have to charge enough to cover our expenses. But, unlike other RV sellers, we will never hide the “true” price of our RVs as a tactic to get you in the door only to spike up the RV’s price with hidden fees to cover our backsides during closing. 

You can come to any Bish’s location and know that the price you’ve seen already includes the costs we need to cover – including getting the RV to our store, prepping it for you to buy, etc. 

The low price we have online may not always be the very lowest list price out there, for this reason, but it is our true, no gotchas price.

Read our guide on how online RV prices work so you can get the best final deal no matter where you shop.

Some manufacturers require dealers, including Bish’s, to list their campers at MSRP prices.

You can read this for a full explanation of manufacturer price requirements. But, you can tell you’re looking at an RV listed for MSRP if the listing says “Too Low to Show Price,” or something similar.

The online list price for RVs listed at MSRP will be higher than our actual selling price. We can legally only give you the lower price information if you talk with an outfitter online, on the phone, or in person.

Clicking the too low to show button will connect you with an RV Outfitter who can provide a lower price.

The price our outfitter provides when you reach out will be our actual price and you can expect the same no hidden-fee promise on that number, just like our regular list prices.

Are There ANY Added Costs at Bish’s?

Unexpected fees and charges cause you unnecessary frustration. We are upfront and transparent about how we price our RVs so you won’t be surprised by any last-minute added costs.

This is why we want you to know ahead of time that when you buy your RV you will need to pay a documentation fee (or state fee) and sales tax after on top of the price of your RV.

Documentation Fee:

Your documentation fee pays for the fee your state charges us to process paperwork for the sale of your RV – like title transfers, registration, and other necessary documents.

This fee is regulated by state laws and can be different depending where you buy your RV.

We know that it may seem odd that we include all the other “fees” you typically see at other dealerships in our original price, but don’t include this one in your total sales price. This doc fee comes from the state and not from us, so, if we included the cost in your RV sale you would be required to pay sales tax on a higher amount.

We keep it separate to keep your overall total down.

You may also have to pay some registration and licensing fees, though not always. This fee depends on the state you live in.

At Bish’s RV, we will clearly disclose the amount of our documentation and possible licensing fees upfront so there are no surprises when you close on your RV.

Sales Tax:

As for taxes, sorry, but we can’t do anything about those. Your tax amount will vary depending on your state. Contact your dealership to ask a local finance department how much you can expect to pay in sales tax. 

How Can I Protect Myself From Hidden Fees at Other RV Dealerships?

We work hard to provide an excellent experience for all our customers, but we also understand that Bish’s isn’t the best fit for every RVer. If you choose another dealer, we want you to be aware of these hidden fee tactics, so you can get the best price wherever you buy. 

You can avoid getting scammed into thinking you’re getting a better deal and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises by asking the sales rep at any dealership for a list of fees that will be added on when you finalize your purchase. 

Learn more ways to protect yourself from hidden fees when you buy an RV.

Discover how online RV list prices work so you can shop for the best RV deal at any dealer.

Love Your RV 72-Hour Guarantee

What Does Bish’s 72 Hour Return Guarantee Include?

If you aren’t happy with your RV purchase, we will refund or exchange your RV within 72 hours of the sale for any reason. 

Your preferred bottle of maple syrup doesn’t fit in the kitchen cabinet? We’ll take the RV back. 

You took a Class A Diesel home as a birthday surprise for your wife when all she really wanted was a nice dinner and for you to load the dang dishwasher?

We’ll take it back. 

Got home, looked at the numbers and felt your stomach drop because you felt you’d made a mistake?

If it’s within 72 hours, we will take the RV back. 

No questions asked.

Except maybe to ask about that maple syrup you’re so committed to. 

What Happens if I Return My RV To Bish’s?

Our outfitters work hard to make sure you find an RV you can be happy and excited about. Every now and then, though, a buyer does want to return their RV.

Some just want a complete refund so they can walk away from the RV and RVing.

And, at Bish’s, they do!

Most customers who return an RV realize they need or want something different. They may be uncomfortable with the size of the RV or find it isn’t a good fit for their family.

If you were to return an RV for these reasons we would restart the outfitting process and dive a little deeper to find the RV that’s a better fit. 

Why Does Bish’s Allow 72 Hour RV Returns?

Bish’s once had a gentleman, we’ll call him Dave, come into our Boise location before a big Memorial Day weekend campout. Dave had been swayed by his RV-loving family to trade his pop-up for a larger travel trailer. 

Dave quickly regretted buying the camper once he took it out and realized he wasn’t comfortable towing it. 

Early Monday morning Dave returned to our store. He was sick to his stomach about his travel trailer – we’re talking actually puking in our bushes.

Dave was crying and muttering apologies as he handed us the keys and told us he couldn’t do it. He felt stuck at this point and didn’t know what to do. 

So, you know what we did?

We were like, cool. And then we took the keys back. Easy as that.

Sean, the general manager, asked Dave if he still wanted an RV and then found him a hybrid trailer that provided a little extra space without being too much for Dave to handle. 

People like Dave are the reason we have our one-of-a-kind return policy. We want you to know that we have your back when you buy from us. We’re not here to rush you into an RV just to push you out the door and slam it behind you. 

We all make mistakes sometimes. You deserve to have peace of mind knowing if you don’t feel right about your RV in the first 72 hours, you can bring it back in. We’ll figure it out together. 

Diamond Club Membership Included With Every RV

Buying an RV is expensive and owning and maintaining an RV can be too. To give you added peace of mind you receive free membership to our Diamond Club at no extra cost when you buy any RV, new or used, from Bish’s RV.

Permanent Diamond Club Benefits

For as long as you own the RV you purchase from Bish’s, you’ll receive these features to keep your RV working well and help you retain maximum resale value: 

  • Free annual inspection  
  • Free RV winterization 
  • 10% off any parts and accessories from Bish’s and 15% off installation of those parts
  • 30% off labor on all service repairs with Bish’s 
  • Trade-in voucher for added value should you later choose to trade-in for another RV with Bish’s.   

1 Year Free Diamond Club Benefits & the Option to Extend

While you’re learning the ropes of your new RV and the world of RVing, we provide: 

  • Emergency roadside and towing services (including: towing, jumpstart, flat tire change, fluid delivery, key and/or fob replacement, and lockout assistance). 
  • Access to our live concierge assistants who can help locate nearby RV parks, fuel locations, repair shops, national parks, etc.
  • One year of technical assistance from our 24/7 technician hotline to help troubleshoot problems with slide-outs, leveling jacks, and power functions. 

You can choose to extend the roadside assistance to 3 years for $799, 5 years for $999, or 7 years for $1,399.

Diamond Club members also receive a one year subscription to RV Life. Where you can find RV-safe routes for your camping trips, locate a top-rated campground, and get help maintaining your RV. 

You can pay to keep your subscription to RV Life past the first free year. It will cost less than $5 a month with the $59 annual subscription or $19.99 a month on a month-by-month basis. 

How to Buy Your RV From Bish’s

Now that you understand the benefits of purchasing your camper from Bish’s RV, you can make an educated decision about whether or not you feel confident you can trust us when it’s time to buy your RV. 

Shop around to find out what other dealers offer. If you decide Bish’s RV is a good fit for you, one of our RV Outfitters would love to answer any questions you may have or help you find the perfect new or used camper for you.

Reach out any time to speak with or schedule to meet with an RV Outfitter to start buying your RV.

Want to look around first? You can also check out the RVs available now at Bish’s RV. 

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