7 Great Reasons Why RVing Is Healthy For You

We’ve come up with the 7 great reasons why rving is healthy for you. A good way to stay healthy during a time of social distancing and everything from gyms to parks being closed is to really distance yourself out in nature. Boondocking in an RV is a great alternative to sitting at home huddled in isolation. Not only does it allow you to get some much needed fresh air, but it’ll help you and your family to get the space to be active and relax while keeping healthy.  Go ahead and get out and stay healthy!

Most of these reasons are also found in a a study from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation showed that being outdoors has all kinds health benefits.

The more time you spend around plants and trees, the more you breathe in phytoncides. Plants and trees give off phytoncides to protect themselves from parasitic plants and insects. When a human breathes in phytoncides, it boosts our immune systems by increasing our white blood cell count and quality, helping us to fight all sorts of diseases and cancers.

Also, I’m sure the outdoor germs help to us to battle other diseases by helping us develop a wide immunity. Ever heard of the 5-second rule?

Did you know that simply being in a forest and looking at trees lowers your blood pressure? Well, it does! According to a study cited by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, exercising and relaxing in a forest while looking at trees does just that! Looking at trees in urban areas didn’t tout the same effects.

This is kind of an obvious one, seeing as you’re getting away from your usual routines. But what about for those working remotely in their RV? RVing and being in nature still lowers your stress levels! In the last study, they also found that it reduces cortisol and adrenaline, which contribute to stress.

RVing also helps to improve your mood. Who wouldn’t feel better escaping into nature? For similar reasons that RVing reduces stress, it also combats anxiety, depression, and anger. You tend to be healthier when you’re happy, because there are fewer stress-related hormones that inhibit your immune system. This is just another great reason why rving is healthy for you.

Have you heard of directed attention fatigue? Neither had we, but it’s a real thing! Being able to get out into nature and to be surrounded by something other than the hustle and bustle of your daily life gives parts of your brain a break that desperately need it.

Now you have a real excuse to just enjoy the view–it’s good for your brain!

It’s easier for you to heal from illness and injuries, or even from a broken heart, when you’re happy! Being able to see trees and be in nature helps you to be happy, which helps you to heal faster. Makes sense to me! You’ll have to tell your doctor that rving is healthy for you, and that’s why you’ll have to recover out by the lake.

In order to practice social distancing, you need to be away from people. Going rving with the people who live in your household (or even alone) is a good way to social distance. Not only will it help you to stay safe, it’ll help you to avoid spreading germs to other people.

While you can social distance in an RV park, it’s easiest to do so while boondocking. Make sure your house batteries are charged, your fresh water tank is full, and you have your generator if you’ll need it, and hit the road!