6 Great Activities for Snowy Days

Snow is one of the most magical parts of winter. It makes everything more beautiful and adds a tangible element to the season that you can physically grasp in your hands. Sometimes, however, the snow can be daunting to go out in. So, get out of the house and have some fun with this list of activities. Here are 6 great activities to keep you and your family happy and entertained on snowy days.

If you’re looking for classic snow day activities, try going skiing, snowboarding, or tubing. There’s nothing quite like feeling the chill winter air on your face as you plummet downhill into a gorgeous winter wonderland. While these activities can be pricey, the memories are worth a lifetime. Not only are skiing and snowboarding a great workout, but they help you to get out into the great outdoors and bond with family or friends. (They can also help you get some much needed alone time.) Tubing is also great for building relationships with family and friends, but is only a good workout if you have to tow your tube back to the top of the hill yourself. If you’re not interested in walking all the way back up the hill, make sure to check out locations for tubing with a “magic carpet” style conveyor lift to tow you back up.

If you’re in Southern Idaho, check out Bogus Basin Recreation Area in Boise, The Activity Barn in McCall, and Gateway Park in Eagle. Each of these fun places is near our Meridian dealership.

Sledding is the quintessential snowy day activity. If there’s a snowy hill that has been calling your name, then grab a sled, a large piece of plastic, or even the lid of a garbage can and slide down it.

Experiment to find what works best on your terrain. Is it a traditional sled? A large tarp? How about the old suitcase that you’ve been meaning to donate? Sledding can be versatile and fit any budget.

While sledding is cheaper than tubing, it is also more dangerous because sledding hills are not as well groomed as tubing hills, nor are sleds designed for user safety. Be sure to wear a helmet and ensure that where you’re sledding is clear of hazards.

If you’re in Southern Idaho, check out Steamboat Gulch in Idaho City.

A new winter activity that has taken Idaho by storm in the past few years is riding a mountain coaster. These are like your normal roller coaster, but better. These are gravity-driven and allow the driver to control their speed through the handles of the cart. It’s up to the digression of the driver whether they’d like to take in the scenery at a slower pace, or whether they’d like to experience the full potential of the coaster.

Mountain coasters are popular throughout other parts of the country, but Bogus Basin touts the first mountain coaster in the Pacific Northwest.

If you’re in Southern Idaho, check out The Glade Runner Mountain Coaster at Bogus Basin Recreation Area in Boise.

Sometimes you just need a good, old-fashioned competition to get the blood pumping.

Compete with your friends and family in a snowball fight. You can play dodge ball-style, where you divide into teams and when you get hit, you’re out, or you could try playing capture the flag-style, where getting hit by a snowball means you’re in time-out until one of your teammates saves you.

Try competing to see who can build the best igloo, either in a set amount of time, in general, or with specific resources. You could add a creative twist to the igloos by specifying that the igloo has to be for a specific animal, person, or even has to fit a specific theme (colored, holiday, etc.).

The Calvin and Hobbes classic snowmen cartoons are also another source of inspiration. Get creative with the kinds of snowmen or snow creatures that you create, whether it be to make a small army, a certain sculpture, or even prank a friend by making them. You could also have a competition to see who can create their creature the fastest, the best, or who can destroy theirs the quickest.

Find a big field, a park, or a yard to play in, and as always, hot chocolate and coffee are the losing team’s treat.

If you’re not feeling like leaving home to do something fun and it just so happens to be between 9 and 12 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 to -11 degrees Celsius), try blowing bubbles to watch freeze. The trick is to make sure that you blow them up above you in the air. If not, you risk the bubble popping before it has frozen.

Try coloring your bubble solution with food coloring for bubbles with a slight colored tint.

After you’ve tried all of these other activities, warm yourself up in a hot spring. You can find some that are secluded to snowshoe into like Council Mountain Hot Springs near Council, Idaho,  or you can find something a little more accessible, like Gold Fork Hot Springs outside of Donnelly, Idaho. Whether you’re looking to hike in or drive in, there are hot springs all around Idaho waiting to take your troubles away from you.

If you’re in Southern Idaho, check out Pine Flats Hot Springs near Lowman.