Under 26ft with King Bed, Slide, & ½ Ton Towable! 2024 MPG 2100RB Travel Trailer by Cruiser RV

2024 MPG 2100RB review

Price of the 2024 MPG 2100RB at Bish’s RV:

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2024 MPG 2100RB Layout and Specs

Specification2024 MPG 2100RB
Empty Weight (lbs)5,268
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,386
Max Weight (lbs)7,686
Hitch Weight (lbs)686
Length25′ 11″
Height11′ 1″
Width (body)8′
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)44
Gray Water Capacity (gal)30
Black Water Capacity (gal)30
2024 MPG 2100RB floorplan
2024 MPG 2100RB Floorplan

Living Area of the 2024 MPG 2100RB

The 2024 MPG 2100RB by Cruiser RV is perfect for those who love camping. It’s got a really cool living area where you can relax on a big sofa. There are windows on the side, so you can enjoy the view outside. The sofa can turn into a bed if you need it, which is super handy. And, you’ve got places to plug in your phone or other gadgets.

Kitchen of the MPG 2100RB

This RV’s kitchen is awesome because it’s got lots of room to cook and make snacks. There’s a big fridge where you can keep all your food cold. Plus, there’s a pantry for all your groceries. The kitchen also has an oven that can air-fry your food. That’s pretty cool! But remember, it uses a lot of power, so it’s not the best for camping off the grid.

No table, but the stools and counter make a great “breakfast” bar!

Bathroom of the MPG 2100RB

The bathroom in this RV is simple but nice. There’s enough space around the toilet, so you won’t feel cramped. But, there’s not a lot of room to store your towels and stuff, so you might need to keep them somewhere else. The shower is a bit small, but it works well if you’re careful.

2024 MPG 2100RB bathroom

There’s a lot of space around the toilet!

Bedroom of the MPG 2100RB

The bedroom area is really neat because it has a sliding king bed. You can move it side to side, which is great if you need extra space. But, the bed is built a certain way, so changing it to a queen size might be tricky. There are curtains to give you some privacy if someone else is staying in the RV with you.

The bed can slip slide sideways if you need it to!

Traveling in the MPG 2100RB

When you’re driving, you can still get to the bed and the fridge easily, which is great for stops on a long trip. The bathroom is also easy to get to. This RV isn’t too big or heavy, so you don’t need a giant truck to tow it.

2024 MPG 2100RB road mode

You can still use the bathroom if you need to! It might be a little bit of a squeeze though.

To learn more about towing RVs and towing capacities, watch Josh’s video below!

Features on the Outside of the MPG 2100RB

Outside, the MPG 2100RB has a big storage area for all your outdoor stuff. It’s ready for solar power, which is great for camping off the grid. There’s also a tire pressure monitor to help you keep an eye on your tires. The awning isn’t super big, but it’s enough to sit outside and relax.

Potential Problems with the MPG 2100RB

Some things to think about: the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of storage, and the shower is a bit small. The tires are okay, but if you want different ones, that’s easy to fix. Also, the speakers are placed really high, which is kind of funny.

Comparing the 2024 MPG 2100RB to Similar RVs

Specification2024 MPG 2100RB2024 Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S2022 Cougar 22RBS
Empty Weight (lbs)5,268▼ 5,132▲ 5,586
Cargo Weight (lbs)2,386▼ 1,662▼ 1,614
Max Weight (lbs)7,686▼ 6,794▲ 7,200
Hitch Weight (lbs) 686 ▼ 634 ▼ 630
Length25′ 11″▼ 23′ 10″▼ 25′ 
Height            11’ 1″                       ▼10′ 11”            ▼ 11′ 5″
Width8’▶ 8′▶ 8’ 0”
Fresh Water Capacity44 ▲ 54 ▼ 60
Black Water Capacity30▲ 30▲ 30
Gray Water Capacity30 ▲ 30 ▲ 30
Bish’s Price*$35,999$39,976$26,990

* Prices vary by location. Please reach out to a Bish’s outfitter for accurate pricing by clicking below.

The 2024 MPG 2100RB Travel Trailer by Cruiser RV is a great choice for couples or solo travelers. It’s got a comfy living area, a handy kitchen, and a neat bedroom space. Plus, it’s not too hard to tow, making it a great RV for your next camping adventure! If that all sounds good to you and you would like learn more about the MPG 2100RB, click the buttons below!

2024 MPG 2100RB review

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