A New TINY Camper by Grand Design | 2024 Imagine 14MS

By Aaron Brunson

2024 Imagine 14MS article

Are you looking for a small yet luxury camper? The 2024 Imagine 14MS is compact but also packed with awesome features. It’s great for couples and solo campers.

At Bish’s RV we know that not every RV is the right fit for every person. We love helping people find an RV that meets their needs. 

We know that not everyone is looking for something with upgraded features like the Imagine 14MS, but if you are, keep reading to learn more about its features so you can decide if it’s the RV for you.

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How Much Does the 2024 Imagine 14MS Cost?

2024 Imagine 14MS Price @ Bish’s RV

*We aim to provide the most up-to-date pricing in our articles. Official pricing has not yet been released. The quoted price above is as of 11/21/2023 from our Davenport, Iowa Location and is based on the AIM 15BH model. We regularly update our prices and will get the most up-to-date price as soon as possible. Click below to see the most up-to-date pricing.

2024 Imagine 14MS Floor Plan & Specs

Grand Design RV is one of the most popular RV manufacturers. Check out the updated 2024 Imagine 14MS floor plan to see if it’s what you’re looking for!

Specifications and Measurements

Specification2024 Imagine 14MS
Empty Weight (lbs)3,826 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)774 lbs 
Max Weight (lbs)4,600 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)454 lbs
Length17’’ 11″
Height10’ 11”
Width (body)8’
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)37 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)82 gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)37 gallons

Living Area Features

One of the standout features of the Imagine 14MS is its Murphy bed in the slide. Unlike some other attempts at this design, Grand Design has managed to create a comfortable and flat sleeping surface. During the day, the bed folds away, making a spacious living area with a sofa facing the entertainment center. It’s a clever way to maximize space in a compact RV, and it offers a cozy spot to relax and unwind.

And it even includes blackout roller shades!


I wasn’t expecting to see this much counter space in such a small RV. The kitchen features a center-mounted stainless farm sink, a convection microwave, and plenty of storage. Not having a propane oven may be a drawback for some, but the convection microwave should handle most of your cooking needs. The addition of household and USB outlets makes it convenient to charge devices or use small appliances.


The bathroom’s toilet area has excellent space planning, providing comfortable room around the toilet. What’s truly remarkable is the sneaky good storage space. The medicine cabinet is actually quite deep, allowing you to store towels and toiletries efficiently. It’s a compact bathroom but it doesn’t “store” that way.


As mentioned earlier the Murphy bed in the slide is where this camper truly shines. It’s a well-executed design, offering a comfortable and level sleeping surface. You can even enjoy the campside view through the bedroom window.

Road Mode

While the road mode seems adequate, it’s important to note that using the bed in transit might not be recommended. However, this is something you should check with the manufacturer to ensure it’s safe and structurally sound.


The 2024 Imagine 14MS Travel Trailer retains the standard 8-foot width, which is less common in single-axle trailers. This means you still get the benefits of double propane tanks, a power tongue jack, and a fully walkable roof. The small griddle station outside is a nice touch, allowing you to cook without heating up the interior. It’s an RV that’s highly towable and suitable for a range of vehicles, from SUVs to midsize pickups.

Potential Problems

One potential drawback of this camper is that it features two sewer outlets – one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. While it’s a minor inconvenience, some campers prefer a single outlet for simplicity.

There isn’t full outside storage in the pass-thru. 

Compare Other RVs to the 2024 Imagine 14MS

Empty Weight (lbs)3,826 lbs↑ 3,945 lbs↓ 3,542 lbs
Cargo Weight (lbs)774 lbs ↑ 1,050 lbs ↑ 858 lbs
Max Weight (lbs)4,600 lbs↑ 4,995 lbs↓ 4,400 lbs
Hitch Weight (lbs)454 lbs↑ 1,440 lbs↑ 480 lbs
Length17’’ 11″↓ 17’’↑ 18’
Height10’ 11”↓ 10’ 06”↓ 10’ 5”
Width8’↑ 8’ 5”unavailable
Fresh Water Capacity (gal)37 gallons↑ 55 gallons↑ 43 gallons
Gray Water Capacity (gal)82 gallons↓ 30.5 gallons↓ 30 gallons
Black Water Capacity (gal)37 gallons↓ 30.5 gallons↓ 30 gallons

Is this RV a Good Fit For You?

Well, what do you think? Was the murphy bed set up a winner? What did you think about all of that counter space? This RV is a good fit for those that don’t mind a more compact living space.

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Buy Your 2024 Imagine 14MS

Does the Imagine 14MS have what you’re looking for in an RV? Is the extra counter space something you’re looking for in a smaller RV? If so, and you’re interested in learning more about this RV click the buttons below. 

2024 Imagine 14MS Price @ Bish’s RV

2024 Imagine 14MS article

At Bish’s RV we know that no one camper is perfect for every RVer. If this Imagine isn’t quite right for you, we’d love to help you find another option just right for you! 

Feel free to visit our inventory to check out other options or contact one of our expert RV Outfitters anytime for help finding your next camper. We’re here to help you get to your next adventure!

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