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By Aaron Brunson

2024 Delta 292RL article

2024 Delta 202RL Price at Bish’s RV

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Hello, fellow travelers and RV enthusiasts! Today, we’re embarking on a journey through the nooks and crannies of the 2024 Delta 292RL travel trailer by Alliance RV.

This model is a fresh take on a familiar and popular layout, adding new features and improving old ones to stand out from the crowd! If you want to learn more, check out Josh the RV Nerd’s video below or keep reading to learn all about the 292RL.

Table of Contents

  • 292RL Layout and Specs
  • Living Area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Road Mode: Travel Access
  • Exterior
  • Potential Problems
  • Similar RVs
  • Price of a Delta 292RL

Layout and Specifications

2024 Delta 202RL layout
Hitch – 802 lbs
Max – 9,250 lbs
Empty – 7,586 lbs
Cargo – 1,664 lbs
Length – 33’11”
Height – 11’2”
Ceiling – 6’9”
Width – 8’
Fresh – 45 gal
Gray – 90 gal
Black – 45 gal
Solar – 200w

Living Area

The living area of the Delta 292RL features dual opposing slides, giving you plenty of space to stretch out and relax. One highlight is the huge TV placed directly across from the theater seating. And don’t worry, you won’t break your neck trying to watch this TV, as they lowered it to the perfect position. 

Notably, the floor of the 292RL is carpetless and ventless throughout, making it easy to keep clean, even if you bring your pets along for the trip. 

But the “coolest” part of this RV is the air conditioning. The Delta 292RL comes standard with two 15,000 BTU A/C units, with the extremely rare ability to run both at once on only 30amps, meaning if you’re staying the night at a place with limited power, you can still stay cool and comfortable all night. 


When looking at the kitchen of the 292RL, it is clear that it was designed thoughtfully to be different from other RVs with similar layouts. 

By moving the pantry over from its normal place in the slide, they were able to provide a larger TV and more counter space and even make that counter space completely flush. No more weird shifts in counter height. 

By making the kitchen slide floor flush, you no longer have to worry about hurting your back bending over to reach the counter, or stubing your toe as you’re preparing a meal. Additional toe protection comes from the LED accent lights under the kitchen cabinets to help you see where everything is in the dark. 


In the realm of bathrooms, the Delta 292RL shows that small spaces can still pack a punch. The porcelain foot flush toilet with a soft close lid is a midnight trip to the bathroom’s best friend – no loud noises to wake up your partner or guests!

The individual shut-off valves for water fixtures are a thoughtful addition that ensures your trip won’t be ruined just because of a plumbing mishap. Plus, the bathroom doesn’t skimp on storage, with cleverly designed spaces that make organizing your toiletries a snap.

And with the 6’9” ceiling throughout the RV, there is plenty of room for a tall individual to shower without scraping their head on the roof.

2024 Delta 202RL bathroom


The bedroom of the 292RL is truly built for comfort with a true queen bed and a large amount of storage space, including hidden storage on both sides of the bed for any valuables or maybe a favorite book. 

With the standalone air conditioner, you can sleep in your ideal temperature setting all throughout the night. 

Road Mode: Travel Access & Towing

Travel Access

The Delta 292RL is definitely meant to be enjoyed at your destination. Due to the opposing slides in the living area and kitchen, the entire back half of the RV is cut off when the slides are in. However, you do still have full access to the bathroom and bedroom. 

2024 Delta 202RL road mode

And because the steps stick out from the RV further than the slide does, if you have room to put down the steps, you have room to put out the slide. The kitchen will still unfortunately be mostly blocked off. 

Towing Requirements

Some might try to tell you that it would be okay to pull this trailer with a ½ ton truck, but we recommend at least a ¾ ton truck to be safe pulling the 2024 Delta 292RL.

Your safety on the road is extremely important to us. Use Bish’s towing guide or watch Josh the RV Nerd explain how to find out what your truck should tow, to make sure this RV is a good fit for your truck:


The large front storage compartment gives plenty of space, perfect for stashing all your gear. The included six-foot picnic table is just icing on the cake.

One small but impactful feature is the outdoor awning switches located in the front storage compartment. This will save you the hassle of going in and out of the RV just to open or close the awning. 

Another unique feature is the exterior spray port with hot and cold water controls. And with the tank heaters, you should have plenty of hot water during your trips. 

Potential Problems

Every rose has its thorn, and the Delta 292RL is no different. The majority of the potential problems are found in Road Mode, as it calls for a heftier ¾ ton vehicle. You also lose a lot of accessibility during transit, as this RV is truly built to be enjoyed at your destination. 

If you are a long-road tripper or a stealth camper, this trailer might not be what you’re looking for. However, we’ve got plenty of other options. 

Our main priority at Bish’s RV is to help you make the best choice for yourself, whether that is buying a 292RL, a different RV, or not buying an RV at all

With that in mind, below we have a few RVs that are similar to the 292RL if you like what you’ve seen but want to check out something slightly different. 

2024 Delta 292RL Compared to Similar RVs

Comparisons2024 Delta 292RL2023 Alpha Wolf 26RL2023 Wildwood 271RL2023 Cherokee 274WK
Length33’11”▲ 34’5”▲ 34’7”▼ 33’2”
Gray Tank90 gal (2×45)▼ 70 gal (2×35) ▼ 48 gal▼ 38 gal
Hitch Weight802 lbs▼ 740 lbs▲ 1,070 lbs▲ 895 lbs
Max Weight9,250 lbs▼ 8,900 lbs▲ 9,870 lbs▲ 9,985 lbs
Cargo Capacity1,664 lbs▲ 1,812 lbs▲ 2,132 lbs▲ 2,842 lbs
Bish’s Price* $56,995▼ $40,995▼ $43,987▼ $32,991

*Prices vary depending on location and time

If none of these travel trailers are right for you, you may also want to consider these other top-selling travel trailers

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2024 Delta 292RL article

2024 Delta 202RL Price at Bish’s RV

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