Sleek New Cougar Upgrade! Is a Midnight Edition 5th Wheel Worth It?

Check out Cougar's sleek new upgrade package

Have you wondered if the Midnight Edition is worth the hype – not to mention money? This upgrade is available on all Premium Cougar 5th Wheels. If you’ve been looking for an RV that’s fancy, safe, and ready for adventure, the Midnight Edition might be just what you need.

At Bish’s RV, we’ve been matching campers to their homes-on-wheels long enough to know a thing or two about what really matters. We’re not just about the sale; we’re about the fit.

Whether you buy this RV or something completely different, we want you to have full confidence you’ve found the right RV before you buy. Here we’ll give you a no-BS look at this upgrade. We can’t tell you if this upgrade is worth your money, but with this information you can decide for yourself if the features are worth the extra investment. 

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2024 Keystone Cougar Midnight Edition Video Walkthrough

The Keystone Cougar “Midnight Edition” stands out with its sleek dark paint job. How can you go wrong with colors named “Black Onyx” and “Phantom Gray”? 

Check out the full video walkthrough with Josh the RV to see all the features in this 2024 Midnight Edition Cougar 5th wheel:

How Much Does a 2024 Cougar Midnight Edition Cost?

Midnight Edition Package MSRP:

It’s unlikely you’ll pay full MSRP for this package. Dealer costs are usually less. 

Contact a Bish’s RV Outfitter to get a more accurate price and order your 2024 Midnight Edition Cougar. 

This Midnight upgrade is added to the price of your 2024 Cougar 5th wheel. Depending on the features and floor plan you choose, a new 2024 Cougar costs:

2024 Cougar Price: 

Shop for your Cougar 5th Wheel. Feel free to message our RV Outfitters with any of your questions or to order your Midnight Edition Cougar:

Check out 2024 Cougar floor plans for full specs and details on Cougar 5th wheels. 

Did you know where and when you buy your RV affects how much you’ll end up paying? Learn more here:

What’s Included in the 2024 Cougar Midnight Upgrade?

Keystone’s Cougar is the 2nd most popular 5th wheel in the country

The Midnight upgrade kicks this already well-loved RV up to another level with these features:

  • Full-body paint in “Black Onyx” or “Phantom Gray.” This is automotive-grade paint meant to give your RV long-lasting durability and a high-end look.
  • Rated from 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit this upgrade is meant to handle hot AND cold temps. It also includes dual air conditioners to handle hotter temperatures.
  • Dual-pane frameless windows for a sleek look, better noise reduction, and even some insulation benefits.
  • Upgraded solar package with 440 watts of solar power, a 2000-watt inverter, and additional roof prep if you’d like to add more solar later.
  • Two 100 amp-hour dragonfly lithium batteries with their own heating elements for efficient charging and use in colder conditions.
  • Anti-lock braking system to make towing this RV safer. Anti-lock braking keeps your trailer from skidding or losing control during sudden stops.
  • Unique nighttime ambiance! Exterior lighting, including awning lights and front cap lights, is a distinctive blue color.
  • Blacked-out wheel design that complements the “Midnight Edition” theme and adds to the tactical look of the RV.

Pros and Cons of a 2024 Keystone Cougar Midnight Edition


If you’re looking for luxury, practicality, and safety in a stylish package – you may just find the Midnight Edition the perfect fit. Consider these pros when you decide if the Midnight Edition is right for you:

  • It Looks Good: The full-body paint options, “Black Onyx” and “Phantom Gray,” give this RV a sleek, sophisticated look. Special blue lighting for the awning, speakers, and nose cap creates a cool glow at night. The blacked-out wheels also give the RV a modern, tactical look.
  • Hot/Cold Travel Friendly: This upgrade is made to handle a wide range of temperatures. The standard dual air conditioners also help manage interior temperatures, something you may need in direct sunlight. The heated lithium batteries also continue to perform in colder weather with maximum energy storage efficiency.
  • More Solar Power: Comes with a beefy 440-watt solar power system paired with two 100 amp-hour lithium batteries. This makes going off grid much more practical.
  • Safer Towing: Adding an anti-lock braking system adds a layer of safety for towing by lowering the risk of skidding if you have to stop suddenly.
  • Peaceful Camping: Dual-pane frameless windows look sleek and help dampen outdoor noise for a peaceful indoor experience.
  • Durable Exterior: The automotive-grade paint used is more resistant to weathering and fading, so your RV looks newer for longer.

Shop for your Cougar 5th Wheel. Feel free to message our RV Outfitters with any of your questions or to order your Midnight Edition Cougar:


Every RV isn’t right for every RVer and every upgrade isn’t the right fit for every RV either. 

Here are some potential cons of buying a Midnight Edition 5th wheel:

  • Pricey: Buying a brand new 5th wheel is expensive. While the features of an upgrade may be nice, it’s not always in the budget to pay even more for your camper.
  • Heat Absorption: This edition is built to handle a variety of temperatures. But, if you plan to travel in extremely hot areas like Texas or Arizona the darker “Black Onyx” and “Phantom Gray” paint options may absorb more sun rays that lead to higher temperatures in the RV.

    Keep this in mind if you’re traveling in hot, sunny areas. The dual A/C units may offset this, but they may also need to run extra – you decide if this is a deal breaker for you. 
  • Midnight May Not be Your Look: Some RVers prefer more traditional, lighter RV colors. Maybe for better efficiency or just for looks. No judgment here! 

Looking for more 5th wheel options? Shop Bish’s 5th wheel inventory or check out the 10 best selling 5th wheels in America.

Compare Similar RVs

If the Midnight Edition or a Cougar isn’t quite right for you, you may also want to consider the Keystone Montana Legacy Package. The 2024 Montana Legacy includes:

  • Painted rear fiberglass cap 
  • iN-Command® w/Global Connect® Smart RV control system 
  • HydraStar electric over hydraulic disc braking 
  • Furrion® Vision S™ observation system 
  • Full coach surge protection 
  • Winegard® 4GLTE WiFi router
  • Electric power cord reel

Is the Midnight Edition Right for You?

Yes, if:

You Like the Look and Features

The Keystone Cougar “Midnight Edition” Fifth Wheel may be a good fit for you if you value form and function, since this upgrade blends a high-end look with practical features for comfort and safety. 

You Travel in Hot and/or Cold Weather

You like getting out into nature in a variety of temperatures? This RV goes 10% further than most “all-season RVs” to adapt to higher and lower temperatures. If you love to travel all year long, it could be just what you need.  

You Want to Go Off-Grid

Want to escape, but like, really escape? The solar package and battery system upgrades in the Midnight Edition make this perfect for spending more time off-grid. 

You Appreciate Safer Towing Features

The anti-lock braking system makes this a safe option. This is ideal if you plan to be on the road a lot or doing cross-country travel in hilly or mountain areas.

No, if:

It’s Not in Your Budget

Paying thousands extra just isn’t always in the cards. Every RVer has a budget and we want to help you find the right RV and RV trim to fit yours. If this isn’t the right fit – reach out anytime – one of our RV outfitters would be happy to help you find the right 5th wheel for you. 

You Aren’t a Fan of the Look

You should love to see your RV when you’re paying more than $50,000 for it! If the dark colors aren’t for you, you may prefer the standard Cougar package. 

Maybe if:

You Travel in Extreme Sunshine and Heat

The A/C may have to run extra to compensate for the extra rays and heat the dark RV exterior absorbs. Consider your options and make sure you’re not bothered by this before you make a final decision. 

How to Buy Your Midnight Cougar 

Now that you have the full scoop on the sleek new Midnight Edition package you can decide if you want to add it to your new Cougar 5th wheel. 

From its head-turning “Black Onyx” and “Phantom Gray” paint to the practical solar power perks and towing safety, it’s clear this RV packs more than just good looks — it’s a powerhouse of comfort and functionality. 

Shop for your Cougar 5th Wheel or message an RV Outfitter with any of your questions or to order your Midnight Edition Cougar:

Every upgrade doesn’t fit every budget or taste, and the warmer climates might be a challenge for this package.

The perfect RV for you is the one that feels like home, wherever your journey takes you. Whether the Midnight Edition has sparked your interest, you’re curious about other options like the Montana Legacy Package, or you think you need something else we’re here to help.

Swing by Bish’s RV, Contact us, or visit to take the next step to find and buy your dream RV.

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