Big Living in a Small Length — 2024 Arctic Wolf 27SGS Fifth Wheel RV Review

2024 Arctic Wolf 27SGS Fifth Wheel

Do you prefer your RVs short in length but don’t want to sacrifice living room space? Then you’re in luck.

The 2024 Cherokee Arctic Wolf 27SGS Fifth Wheel is here specifically for you, being just under 30ft in length and boasting opposing living area slides to give you the most space possible while being state/national park friendly.

The 27SGS also has an impressive amount of customizability with a floating ottoman, foldable chairs, movable recliners, and a removable table.

Let’s jump into the many features packed into this small fifth wheel to see if the Arctic Wolf 27SGS is a good fit for you!

Table of Contents

Weights and Measurements

Opposing Slide Living Area

Kitchen Space

Bathroom Features


27SGS Exterior

Cougar 27SGS


Weights and Measurements

Arctic Wolf 27SGS weights and measurements

Hitch – 1,325 lbs
Max – 9,900 lbs
Empty – 7,658 lbs
Cargo – 2,242 lbs

Length – 29’11”
Height – 12′ 11″
Width – 8′

Fresh – 81 gal.
Black – 35 gal.
Grey – 70 gal.
Awning – 12′

Opposing Slide Living Area

The living room is where this RV seems to excel the most, maximizing living space while maintaining a short length.

The layout of this RV will likely appear familiar, as it follows what used to be the best selling fifth-wheel layout, but with the shocking customizability of being able to easily move/remove much of the furniture in the living room, you can adapt this RV to have whatever layout you most desire.

And with the exceptional amount of window coverage, you can find fantastic views no matter how you choose to arrange your living space.

One idea specifically mentioned by Josh in his video was taking out the optional table and chairs and putting a desk in the slide to have a mobile workspace with an incredible view.

27SGS living area slide

One thing to keep in mind that will overjoy some and be a dealbreaker for others, the slide does have a carpet floor. The rest of the RV is all carpetless, and the whole RV is ventless, but if you are staunchly anti-carpet, you may not be too interested in the 27SGS.

However, if you like warming your toes in the carpet, the fireplace in the slide just below the TV will be a very welcome feature to you.

And with the indoor/outdoor Bluetooth RV speaker, you can feel comfortable and at peace in a space exactly the way you want it.

Kitchen Space

With the 27SGS’s massive living room space but small overall length, the kitchen does take a bit of a hit space-wise. While still having plenty of storage space, the area to move around in can feel a bit cramped to some.

However, the 27SGS made intentional design decisions to keep this small space as comfortable as possible, rounding off all of the handles on the cabinets to make sure people do not accidentally hurt themselves while trying to turn around.

Another benefit is the large number of outlets; household, USB-A, and USB-C, allowing power wherever you need it.

The small space in the kitchen becomes truly apparent in transit. If you want to be able to access your kitchen or living room with your slides still in, you will want to know that that is not going to be possible in the Arctic Wolf 27SGS.

While the opposing slides provide an abundance of space when extended, they take away almost all of the space when they are brought in.

Bathroom Features

27SGS bathroom

Though the kitchen may be a little squished to some, the bathroom does not share that problem.

There is ample space around the toilet and an impressive ceiling height in the shower, both demonstrated by Josh the RV Nerd below.

There are also the added benefits in the bathroom of space for a wastebasket under the sink and the most popular after-market showerhead, the oxygenics showerhead, included in the base model, so you won’t need to upgrade.

Also, the bathroom in the 27SGS also includes an extra large fan for airflow, and a tankless, on-demand water heater to make sure you always have hot water for your showers.


The bedroom features a true queen bed surrounded with cabinets, replacing the shelves from previous models.

Household and USB outlets are located on both sides of the bed, and one of the sides also has a localized single point inverter brick to provide household power off the battery.

There is space for a heavier bed, but Josh does warn that you may want to also beef up the gas struts if you choose to upgrade your bed, as they seem pretty attuned to the factory included true queen.

The bedroom should stay cool thanks to the 15,000 BTU air conditioner, but it is second air ready if you choose to add a second conditioner to bring it up to 30,000 BTU.

27SGS Exterior

On the exterior, they fit as many features as they can on the small 30ft length.

The short space with the large slide does mean that there is little room for an awning, so the awning included is pretty small, just enough for a few camp chairs.

But, with the exceeding amount of mirror tinted windows, you can stay inside if your prefer while maintaining the beautiful view and a good amount of privacy.

The 27SGS is prepped for a ladder and features a single headed sewer outlet, which will make many people happy. It also features a new fresh tank size of 81gal, ensuring you will have enough freshwater on our trips.

The solar package is 100w by default, but it is wired so that you can scale up to a 400w package with relative ease.

Lastly, it features an enclosed, heated belly to extend your camping season as much as possible.

Wait, This Looks Familiar…

RV enthusiasts might have been reminded of another fifth wheel, the Cougar 27SGS, while reading about this one. The Cougar 27SGS is a very similar layout with many of the same features.

If you’d like to learn more about that model, check out Josh’s review on the Cougar 27SGS below, or click this link to compare pricing between the two models.

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Happy Trails!